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5 Key insights from our Global Local Executive Panel on sustainable housing


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In an enlightening discussion on sustainable housing, we had the privilege of hearing from distinguished leaders in the field from around the globe. Our panel comprised Robert Burns, Chief Executive Officer of Monaghan County Council, Ireland; Rushda Halith, General Manager of Community and City Services, City of Melbourne, Australia; Diwa Hopkins, Senior Economist at the Regional Australia Institute; and Dr Grace Vickers, Chief Executive Officer of Midlothian Council, Scotland.

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Here are five pivotal insights we gleaned from their collective wisdom about Sustainable Housing:

1) Innovative financing models are crucial

Robert Burns shared insights into the innovative financing models being explored in Ireland. With affordability being a central issue, Monaghan County Council is pioneering ways to make sustainable housing accessible to all, emphasising the importance of creative solutions to financing challenges.

2) Community engagement leads to success

Rushda Halith emphasised the significance of engaging communities in the planning and development process. The City of Melbourne has seen remarkable success by ensuring that community voices are heard and incorporated, making sustainable housing projects more accepted and successful.

3) Regional perspectives matter

Diwa Hopkins brought a unique viewpoint on the importance of considering regional differences when planning for sustainable housing. The Regional Australia Institute’s research highlights how what works in urban settings may not be suitable for rural areas, and vice versa, suggesting a tailored approach is necessary.

4) Leadership and vision are key

Dr. Grace Vickers discussed the critical role of strong leadership and clear vision in driving the agenda for sustainable housing forward. Midlothian Council’s approach underscores the need for leaders to champion sustainability and innovation in housing solutions.

5) Collaboration across borders and sectors

All panellists agreed on the importance of collaboration across different sectors and even borders to address the global challenge of sustainable housing. Sharing best practices, learning from failures, and working together towards common goals were highlighted as essential strategies.

This Global Local Executive Panel on Sustainable Housing highlighted the complex, multifaceted nature of addressing housing sustainability. Through innovative financing, community engagement, consideration of regional nuances, strong leadership, and collaboration, there’s hope for creating more sustainable, inclusive communities worldwide.

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Want to join us for our next Global Local Executive Panel? Check it out and save your spot: Our greatest assets – Sustainable asset management


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