Being an effective manager

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This online training provides clarity on your role as a manager — including your work style and approach.

The course looked at:

  • Learn to balance the requirements of being a manager among other demands
  • Consider task, team and individual requirements
  • Use the Situational Leadership model
  • Understand your preferences and management drivers.

Course materials and outline

Course materials:

Slides Being an effective Manager 2023

Pre-Course NOTES Management Fundamentals

Course Notes Management Fundamentals Day 1 – Word version

Course Notes Management Fundamentals Day 1 – PDF version


Personal Learning Log Excel version


Useful Resources:

  • The Fifth Discipline and the Dance of Change – Peter Senge
  • Beyond Certainty – Charles Handy
  • Learning into the Future – George Binney and Colin Williamson
  • Build it… The Rebel Playbook for World-Class Employee Engagement – Glenn Elliot and Debra Corey
  • The Speed of Trust – Stephen M R Covey.
  • The one-minute Manager series (meets the monkey, new manager and leadership) – Kenneth Blanchard.

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