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BBC News 24 coverage of LGiU’s Supporting People report


BBC coverage of LGiU’s Supporting People report from Rob Dale on Vimeo.

New research published by the LGiU has found that almost 9 out of 10 local authorities say that cuts to housing support ‘will put vulnerable people at risk’ and ‘will create more costs elsewhere in the system’.

But our research also found that councils are innovating to maintain services. Many councils had been able to make efficiency savings without this impacting on the ‘front line’. Many councils are also making more use of technology, such as telecare. The London Borough of Bexley had increased their capacity by over 30 per cent by offering individual budgets to their clients, while Derbyshire Council was in the process of developing a payment by results model for their provider organisations.

For more information, please visit lgiu.org or email report author Lauren Lucas on lauren.lucas@lgiu.org