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A Day in the Life: COSLA Chief Executive

In the latest instalment in our Day In The Life series, Sally Loudon, Chief Executive at COSLA, takes us through the ins and outs of one of her workdays.

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Opening doors to young people? The Scottish Attainment Challenge

Mark Stewart, MSYP for Cumbernauld and Kilsyth, blogs for us on the Scottish Attainment Challenge: what it means for local authorities – and whether it’s worked.  It’s exam result time up and down the United Kingdom, with pupils opening envelopes to see the piece of paper that, they think, decides their future. Some will be…

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Affordable Credit: a historic development

When the Carnegie UK Trust published the Gateway to Affordable Credit report last year, setting out 18 recommendations for how affordable credit services such as credit unions and CDFIs could be extended to reach more people in Scotland people, we hoped to work with ambitious local authorities and affordable credit providers to help achieve this…

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Measuring local wellbeing – what data matters?

A new set of indicators aims to give local authorities a more sophisticated picture of the wellbeing – or otherwise – of their communities than has previously been possible using more traditional data sets. Patricia Curmi explains. Most local authorities know they need to approach decision-making differently in an increasingly complex and changing world. They know we need…

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A seat at the table? Where is the voice of Northern Irish government in Brexit

Where is the voice of Northern Irish local government in the Brexit debate? Asks LGiU’s Janet Sillett. You’d have to look pretty hard to find it. Despite a UK hung parliament and mixed messages coming from different UK Ministers, there have been significant developments on Brexit lately. The start of the negotiations of course, but also…

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Lessons from the MacKinnon report for local governance

LGiU Ireland Director, Andy Johnston, explores the local governance lessons that the rest of Ireland can take from the MacKinnon Report and the case of Cork.  The report of the Expert Advisory Group on Local Government Arrangements in Cork (the Group) published in June has once again created an interest in local governance and its…

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GE17 lite #4

We have arrived at election day and, hopefully, peak vitriol. This final edition of our short election series looks back at a campaign period that has thrown up surprises and unexpected moments for all the parties.  Is this the brexit election? A poll by Ipsos Mori taken before the election was called suggested that half of Britain’s…

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