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Community Planning in Scotland website now live

Eileen McMillan, Senior Health Improvement Officer at NHS Health Scotland, tells us about the new Community Planning website now live at NHS Health Scotland and the Improvement Service have launched a new web facility to support Community Planning Partners (CPPs) and Health & Social Care Partnerships (H&SCP). The aim is that the new resource will…

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A Café for Recovery

Mark Gallagher from the North Ayrshire Drug and Alcohol Partnership, describes the amazing impact of the ‘Café Solace’ project, a local café, delivered by volunteers in recovery from alcohol and other drug problems, currently provided within three localities in North Ayrshire, Scotland.

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Manchester v the Cayman Isles?

An unusual week in politics last week where Brexit wasn’t the only story in town – with the UK Budget equalling it in headlines.

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30km/h speed limits in urban streets

Rod King MBE, Founder and Campaign Director of 20’s Plenty for Us discusses the importance of 30km/h speed limits and the role of local authorities in adopting them.

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Councillor Iain Malcolm, Leader of South Tyneside Council, says councils in North East England should make their voices heard over Brexit. We’re reposting this for Scottish members with an interest in how local government is handling Brexit (just) over the border. Virtually every element of Brexit affects local government, our communities and businesses, from economic conditions, jobs…

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Reflections from the COSLA Conference 2017

LGiU Scotland Director Andy Johnston was a judge at the 2017 COSLA Excellence Awards. He reflects here on the experience, and what it tells us about local government in Scotland right now.

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Two years of LGiU Scotland

Andy Johnston, Director of LGiU Scotland, marks the second anniversary of the launch of LGiU Scotland by noting how much has changed - and how that change is destined to accelerate.

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Why place?

Prevention, performance, participation, partnership; the four pillars of the Christie Commission are now well-known. But what about ‘place’?

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