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The National Library of Scotland: what’s in it for you?

As an information service, LGiU Scotland is committed to maximising access to quality information for those working in local government – even if it’s not directly from us! LGiU Scotland’s Hannah Muirhead met up with Fiona Laing, Official Publications Curator at the National Library of Scotland, to explore how elected members and others working in local government…

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Cork Older People’s Council – attending the National Housing Summit 2018

Members of Cork Older Peoples Council, Elizabeth Maddox (Chair) and Liz Downes (Vice Chair), blog about the National Housing Summit that took place in November 2018, and the specific issues facing older people when it comes to housing, as well as their own ideas about what would work.

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Local Governance Review – the state of play

Introduction A review of local governance in Scotland has been underway for 12 months and aims to consider how powers, responsibilities and resources are shared across national and local spheres of government including with communities. It includes all public services. Communities and public services are currently being invited to set out their proposals. Professor James…

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Scottish Empty Homes Conference 2018

This guest blog comes to us from Shelter Scotland, who are hosting their annual Scottish Empty Homes Conference later this month. Shaheena Din writes about the upcoming conference and the Scottish Empty Homes Partnership, and you can register to attend here.

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We must all do more to get the good news out there

The news we see on a daily basis can be overwhelmingly negative. But why is it important that we see positive news too, especially for local authorities? Simon Francis, from Campaign Collective social enterprise, blogs about their new positive media outlet The Rooftop and why it’s so desperately needed.

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Sabhal Mòr Ostaig: when culture drives economy

Can language and culture be drivers of economic development? In Skye, an island off the west coast of Scotland, it is just that. LGiU Scotland Director Andy Johnston blogs about his visit to the Scottish National Centre for Gaelic Language and Culture, Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, and what he learned from the project.

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Basic income: from a radical idea to a pilot in Scotland?

Last week, we spoke to Citizens Basic Income Network Scotland about the feasibility studies taking place about basic income in Scotland, and why it matters for councillors. Here, Gail Irvine (Senior Policy and Development Officer, Carnegie UK Trust) blogs about her trip to the BIEN Congress in August and what she learned from it.

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Why Basic Income Matters for Councillors

In this blog Ben Simmons and Cleo Goodman of CBINS give us some background to basic income in Scotland and invite you to participate in a collaborative workshop series that unites academics, practitioners and policy makers. You can listen to more from Ben and Cleo in our recent interview with CBINS.

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LISTEN: 15 (ish) Minutes With… CBINS on Citizen’s Basic Income

Feasibility studies are currently underway to determine the shape of any future basic income pilots in Scotland. Here, in the second instalment of our interview series, we speak to Cleo and Ben from Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland about the role these studies are playing and why local councillors should join the discussions. To register…

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Viewpoint: A child friendly election in Norway

Norway’s September 2017 election also saw Save the Children Norway design a children’s election. The aim was to reach 5,000 children aged between nine and 15 years. Yet in the end, over 60,000 youngsters participated in the election, writes Julia Zvobgo.  Save the Children Norway (SCN) argues that the staggering result demonstrates ‘how willing and eager children…

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