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Boundaries and Power Structures: the purpose & role of Irish local government

Andy Johnston, Director of LGiU Ireland, explores existential issues currently faced by two Irish local authorities, and the wider implications of these on the future of local government in Ireland. Lines on maps and power matter. It could mean China’s infamous nine-dash line to grab vast swathes of marine territory, or who gets to run the…

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SNP Conference 2016: Investing local government pension funds

LGiU’s chief operating officer Andy Johnston shares key points from his presentation on the investment of local government pension funds at a Smith Institute fringe event at the SNP’s 2016 conference.

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10 Years of the Smoking Ban in Scotland

Claire Reid, LGiU Scotland associate, blogs on the effects that the now decade-old smoking ban has had on the health of Scottish people.

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Military visits to schools: reframing the debate

Over the last eighteen month Quakers in Scotland and Forces Watch have been working on our petition to The Scottish Parliament, calling for more checks and balances on armed forces visits to schools.

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Brexit and local government

James Mitchell (@ProfJMitchell) AcSS, FRSE, professor of public policy and co-director at Edinburgh University’s Academy of Government, discusses what the EU referendum result means for local government in Scotland. Efforts during the EU referendum to put a figure on how much policy emanates from Brussels provoked wry smiles in local government. Measuring the impact on…

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Certain uncertainties

What will Brexit mean for Scottish local government? We can't be certain yet, says the LGiU Scotland team. The only certainty is uncertainty.

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The World Towns Leadership Summit: a new global agenda on towns

Phil Prentice, Chief Executive Officer of Scotland’s Towns Partnership, introduces next week’s World Towns Leadership Summit. Find out more and book tickets here. On 15 and 16 June 2016 Scotland will play host to a world first – the World Towns Leadership Summit. Organised by STP, IDA, BIDs Scotland and ATCM, the summit will bring…

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Scotland’s affordable housing problem

Dr Roger Cook, Director of Research at the Scotland Institute, discusses their recent report on Scotland’s housing market.

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