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In Conversation With… Gerry McCartney, NHS Health Scotland

LGiU Scotland’s Kim Fellows talks to Gerry McCartney from NHS Health Scotland, who is head of the Public Health Observatory, about life expectancies, health inequalities, and the role of local government in improving these figures.

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In Conversation With… Karyn McCluskey, Community Justice Scotland

LGiU Scotland’s Kim Fellows speaks to Karyn McCluskey, Chief Executive of Community Justice Scotland, all about prevention, justice and resilience. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and about Community Justice Scotland? I am the chief executive of Community Justice Scotland. I had a bit of a strange background getting here, I trained…

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Council Surgeries on TellMeScotland

TellMeScotland, Scotland’s national public information notices portal which allows public notices to be published in a single online location, has started listing council surgeries. Alison Clark-Dick of the Improvement Service tells us a bit about the new service and how councillors can utilise it.

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In Conversation With… Cllr James Stockan

LGiU Scotland’s Kim Fellows talks with James Stockan, leader of Orkney Islands Council, about fuel poverty, the Arctic and single authority models.

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The Status of Young Women in Scotland

Patrycja Kupiec, Director of YWCA Scotland, on their groundbreaking report and the culmination of three years’ research, The Status of Young Women in Scotland 2018, and what it means for young women in Local Government.

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Drug deaths are preventable, not inevitable

Elinor Dickie, Public Health Intelligence Adviser at NHS Health Scotland blogs about the recent news announcing that drug related deaths are at their highest since records began, and how these deaths are preventable.

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