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And in the mean time…

The government is being devoured by the Brexit monster. Meanwhile the other priorities - social care, housing, local government funding to name but a few - that a functioning executive should be addressing urgently are untouched and becoming more critical by the day, writes Jonathan Carr-West.

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In Conversation with… Cllr Adam McVey

LGiU Scotland’s Kim Fellows speaks with Cllr Adam McVey, leader of the City of Edinburgh Council, about all things Edinburgh including new tax raising powers, the importance of the tram extension, and a whole lot more.

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LGiU Fortnightly 1st March: Irish mayors and Scottish welfare

In this episode of LGiU Fortnightly, Jonathan Carr-West and Ingrid Koehler explore the work LGiU has carried out over the past few weeks, and run through our latest briefings. We speak to Kim Fellows of LGiU Scotland about the role we play across the border, plus an interview with Dr Seán Ó’Riordáin of LGiU Ireland about…

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In Conversation: Local Governance Review in Scotland

Since the establishment of the Scottish parliament nearly 20 years ago, much of the focus of governance review has been at the national level. But a review of local governance has been underway for almost a year and the initial phase is now coming to an end. LGiU Scotland’s Kim Fellows has been speaking with…

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Tackling isolation in older people – a look to Daventry District Council

In this post Emma Parry, Community Projects Officer at Daventry District Council in England takes us through her Council’s Good Neighbour Schemes that aim to tackle the problem of isolation and loneliness among older people – as much of a pressing issue in the UK as it is  in Ireland.

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The National Library of Scotland: what’s in it for you?

As an information service, LGiU Scotland is committed to maximising access to quality information for those working in local government – even if it’s not directly from us! LGiU Scotland’s Hannah Muirhead met up with Fiona Laing, Official Publications Curator at the National Library of Scotland, to explore how elected members and others working in local government…

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In Conversation with… Kevin Stewart

<em><strong>Kim Fellows (KF)</strong> talks with <strong>Kevin Stewart (KS</strong>) Minister for Local Government, Housing and Planning about his ambitions for tackling homelessness in Scotland.

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Squeezed and broken

Jonathan Carr-West’s latest column for The Municipal Journal.

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