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Local government book club

LGIU members can join us for a new book club. We’ll be reading the non-fiction books that are making waves and look at how they matter to local government.

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Dig in: the importance of gardens in times of crisis

Green space has always been a valuable commodity, especially for those in urban areas. However, amid the Covid-19 crisis, the privilege of access to such spaces has been thrown into especially sharp relief. As we look beyond the crisis, can urban gardens be an important tool for health and resilience?

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Bolstering democracy in the Covid-19 era

Cllr Iain Malcolm, Leader of South Tyneside Council, writes on how councils in the UK might alter their electoral systems for a post-Covid world, in order for local elections to be safe and accessible to all.

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LGIU Fortnightly 22 July: Countering misinformation

Jonathan Carr-West and Ingrid Koehler catch you up on the latest developments at LGIU. Plus, there is a new interview with Danil Mikhailov, an expert on misinformation who talks about the prevalence of misinformation in our communities, democracy and public health conversations and what councils can do about it. We also hear a snippet from…

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Face facts

A new report provides the first tally of minority ethnic councillors in the UK. It is important we carry on counting so that we can monitor progress, writes Jane Sankarayya. Lack of access to local government by any part of a community has serious implications for exacerbating current inequality and disadvantage.

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More than pounds and pence – a national framework for valuing Scotland’s land

Recent guidance published by the Scottish Land Commission places wellbeing at the core of business cases for developing vacant or derelict land. Kathie Pollard of the Scottish Land Commission makes the case for why opportunities to bring sites into productive use need to be looked at in broader economic, social, and environmental senses.

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Trust in the public realm really matters

In his latest column for The Municipal Journal, Jonathan Carr-West discusses the importance of trust in public services and analyses the worrying signs that the Government will push councils into the firing line in the wake of the Covid-19 health crisis.

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Flooding policy in England – early signs of a Brexit benefit?

Dr. Andy Johnston, Chief Operating Officer for the LGIU, covers the launch of a new flooding policy statement from Defra and an associated Flood and Coastal Erosion Management (FCERM) strategy for England from the Environment Agency. Both documents are hard-wired into the new Environment Bill 2020 and the Agriculture Bill 2020

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Opinion: The pandemic, populism and schools

It was always going to be difficult to remove party politics and populist demands from the pandemic. Initial calls for and early evidence of a mature, non-partisan approach did not last long. In this opinion piece, Profesor James Mitchell explores the political landscape of Covid-19 responses, with emphasis on education.

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