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Shaping the councillor role for the future

The report of the Communities and Local Government Select Committee, Councillors on the frontline, is the latest in a long line of aspirational reviews of the role and responsibilities of councillors. Inevitably the Committee considered perennial issues of representation and democratic mandate, but this cross-party group of MPs has made some important contemporary findings, and…

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2013 C’llr Achievement Awards close for nominations

A big thank you to all those who submitted a nomination for the LGiU & CCLA C’llr Achievement Awards.  We’ve had another brilliant intake this year and we’ve been constantly impressed by the examples of councillors’ hard work and innovation described in the applications. Councillors can often be the unsung heroes of their community so…

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The living wage

There is an increasingly interesting debate around the Living Wage. And, for once, it isn’t entirely party political. What do you think? What is the position of your local authority?

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Councillor Allowances: Select Committee report on Councillors on the Front-line

The cross-party Communities and Local Government Select Committee have today released details of an inquiry into the modern councillor. The inquiry looked at the role of councillors and how to tackle the different barriers that prevent people from standing to be a councillor. Crucially, the inquiry identified three barriers to becoming, and then remaining councillors. Firstly,…

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C’llr Awards 2013: CCLA Award for Outstanding Contribution to Financial Performance

The CCLA Award for Outstanding Contribution to Financial Performance seeks to celebrate and reward councillors for delivering value for money and better outcomes for local people. In the current context this is more important than ever. With a 50 year history of managing funds for local authorities, CCLA are seeking to work with local authorities…

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Fat is a local government issue

Yesterday, the LGiU published a new report on public health with Westminster City Council, writes Jonathan Carr-West.

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