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Nordic Smart Cities: Using data to improve population health

The pandemic has seen populations more open than ever to helping to collect and report their individual health data for collective outcomes. In this blog, we highlight innovation from the Nordic Smart City Network, where cities are using data from a range of sources to target health and wellbeing issues extending well beyond Covid-19.

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We’re making our briefings emails short and sweet

We wanted to let you know the way we share our policy briefings is changing. Find out how our recent conversations with members are making LGIU’s information service even better.

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Glasgow City Region – Choosing to flourish in our future climate

With COP26 coming to Glasgow, the Region has a unique opportunity to show leadership on the world stage. Climate Ready Clyde developed Glasgow City Region’s first Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan to kick-start and scale up the Region’s adaptation action.

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Should training for councillors on the corporate parenting role be mandatory?

The July 2021 report on Children in the care of Lambeth Council by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) set out the Council’s institutional failure to protect children in care from sexual abuse, cruelty and exploitation over many decades. This blog discusses the report’s recommendation that there should be mandatory training of elected…

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Outer Hebrides Climate Beacon

‘Climate Beacons for COP26’ is a Scotland-wide collaborative project which draws together climate change and environmental organisations alongside arts, heritage and cultural groups to stimulate long-term public engagement in the lead-up to and following COP26.

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Improving vaccine and testing uptake: Global case studies

Throughout the pandemic, local and national governments worldwide have been working to improve equitable access to Covid-19 information, testing and vaccines for all communities. This blog highlights a number of pandemic best practices from across the globe as part of a new series accompanying the Global Local Recap.

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