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New councillor? LGIU is here for you

Whether you’re a brand new councillor or an old hand, LGIU is here to support you to deliver for your local residents. LGIU Chief Executive Jonathan Carr-West explains how new councillors can start benefitting from LGIU now.

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Enriching visitor experience through film at Cavan County Museum

In 2021, Cavan County Museum continued its commitment to bringing history to life by commissioning the production of two historical short films, picking up the Chambers Ireland Award for Commemorations & Centenaries at the Excellence in Local Government Awards.

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Who runs the councils in No Overall Control?

Before the local elections on 5 May there were 66 councils across England, Scotland and Wales were in “No Overall Control”. Some councils have moved in and out of NOC but the figure remains the same post-election.  Ingrid Koehler looks at what this means in practice. (updated 12 May)

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Flooding in Australia: councils supporting each other

Parts of Australia have suffered devastating flooding in recent weeks. In this article, we highlight how the local government family have rallied to support afflicted councils, acknowledging uncertainty over state and national relief measures.

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