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Accessible housing: a global challenge for local authorities

The accessible housing challenge The increasing global interest in accessible housing has largely been driven by three factors. Firstly, all regions in the world are experiencing population ageing, with varying severity. In countries with life expectancies above 70 years, the average person will spend 8 years of their life living with a disability. Secondly, the…

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From snow that only melted yesterday: water management in Chicago

Introduction Taking its name from the Algonquin word ‘Shikaaka’ (meaning onion), Chicago covers an area of lakes, rivers and streams that was once (and in some parts still is) full of wild onion and garlic. Lake Michigan is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world and was of huge importance to Native Americans…

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Malmö Summit: a short personal reflection

It often seems like we can’t escape from grim news about climate change or the impacts of global warming and the sense that national commitments or international protocols either don’t do enough or won’t be met. Or maybe it feels like we can’t escape from the polarising effects of the politics of climate change at…

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Tiny houses: a neat homelessness solution or a reminder of the problem?

This piece was featured in our Global Local bulletin on ending rough sleeping and featured other examples of using tiny homes to address homelessness. As the ‘self-built tiny house tour’ genre of videos remains highly popular, it’s easy to see the appeal of these dwellings, with their cool space-saving tricks, sustainability and minimalist-yet-cosy interiors. Perhaps…

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