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What to expect from the budget on Wednesday?

What to expect from the budget on Wednesday? LGiU will be providing our usual on the day briefings and comment to give our members an instant take on the announcements relevant to local government. There have been some hints already leaked to the press and the usual swirl of rumours. We’re expecting some announcements on…

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We must revisit the role of local government

There is always a beginning of term feeling to September, but this year it feels more acute than usual, writes Jonathan Carr-West.

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Keeping our communities safe

Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive of LGiU, comments: It’s been a very difficult few weeks for local government as for the country as a whole. We have had three fatal terrorist attacks and the horrific loss of life in the Grenfell Tower fire. Of course our first thoughts must always be with the victims and their…

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Time to flex some local muscle?

The political landscape is changing almost hourly and that perhaps offers the potential to change the local-central relationship writes Jonathan Carr-West.

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Why did the Triborough fail? Lessons for Local Government

LGiU’s Chief Executive Jonathan Carr-West on how the collapse of the Triborough partnership is about more than shared services – it tells us something fundamental about what’s been happening in local government.

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Budget 2017: Some answers more questions

The Chancellor must hand the social care purse strings over to local government if he wants the new money to have the right impact. Jonathan Carr-West looks at a budget that delivered no great shocks and still leaves many unanswered questions for councils.

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All bets are off

It’s traditional to kick off the New Year with a ‘predictions for the year ahead’ article, writes Jonathan Carr-West. This year these have largely been replaced with articles about uncertainty and the impossibility of making predictions.

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Global Local Government: A future in crisis?

LGiU’s Chief Executive Jonathan Carr-West looks at the futures for local government in this rapidly changing political landscape Are we living through a crisis of representative democracy? Around the world it is, at least, under pressure from various sorts of populism. This takes many different forms. In places as far apart as Hungary and Colombia…

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The Conservatives have gone walkabout on devolution

What to expect from Conservative conference? There’s a growing sense that the time has come for the Government to say something, anything, about how it sees the future.   The Prime Minister will surely want to say more than just that “Brexit means Brexit” if she is to reassure the country that she is indeed…

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