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Covid-19: Bankrupting local government will not help the country recover

There are worrying reports that Robert Jenrick has told a group of council leaders that local government would have to “share the burden” of coronavirus-related costs. We can only hope that this was a slip of the ministerial tongue, says LGIU Chief Executive Jonathan Carr-West.

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Supporting the local economy during the Covid-19 crisis

Businesses are clamouring for advice and financial support at the moment, and it is in the council’s interests to proactively reach out to employers on their patch to save jobs and protect future business rate revenue. Jim Saggers from Beauhurst explains how company data can help.

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AILG Conference 2020: Solving Global Challenges through Local Leadership

The Association of Irish Local Government held their annual conference in March, hosting councillors from across Ireland for a packed programme covering key issues facing the sector. This year, focus was on climate action, and the first annual Women’s Network meeting was held. LGIU’s Jennifer Glover attended the event and brings you the highlights.

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Coronavirus: What can councillors do?

While the nation and the world grapples with implications of and response to the fast-moving Covid-19 crisis, many councillors are asking how they can help their communities stay safe. We have brought together a few tips that may help elected members to shape their local response and protect their residents.

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LGiU Fortnightly 24 January: Devo 2.0 and lessons from Australia

Devo is back but what might it look like this time around? Jonathan and Andrew read the tea leaves. And Ingrid spoke with Luke Nicholls from SGS, our partner organisation in Australia, about local government’s role tackling the devastating recent bushfires.

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LGiU Fortnightly 6th December: GE2019 – What’s at stake for local government?

With the general election looming, we hear from councillors who’ve been out on the doorstep. Cllr Abi Brown, Leader of Stoke-on-Trent, and Cllr Michael Payne, Deputy Leader of Gedling and Chair of LGiU, tell us what this election could mean for local government, what should be prioritised by the new Government and how councils can…

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LGiU Fortnightly 21st November: The return of placeshaping

Can we call it a comeback? The placeshaping agenda has been making a quiet return in town halls across the country, forging ahead without grand frameworks from Whitehall. In this episode, we speak to Liz Watts, Chief Executive of South Cambridgeshire, and Cancer Research UK’s Stacey Arnold.

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#GE2019 Defending our democracy

LGiU’s new campaign, #DispatchesFromTheDoorstep, aims to shine a light on un-democratic behaviour witnessed on the general election campaign trail and hear how this behaviour is being tackled by individuals, councils, parties and the police.

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LGiU Fortnightly Special: Winners of LGiU England Cllr Achievement Awards 2019

This week LGiU England hosted our annual Cllr Achievement Awards in London, welcoming councillors from across the country to celebrate the amazing work done by the shortlisted councillors and of course our winners. In this special episode, we speak to all the award winners about their work and what winning means to them.

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