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Health and Social Care Bill – ‘a big ask’ but also a huge opportunity

Health and Social Care Bill – all 367 pages and explanatory notes as well… There weren’t many surprises in the Bill published yesterday, but it did provide more details about, for example, the new health and wellbeing boards and about public health in the new regime and it is the start of a long parliamentary…

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Why the Health and Social Care Bill matters (more than the Localism bill?)

*UPDATE* a follow up article to this post can be found here We expect the Health and Social Care Bill to be published next week – probably Monday 17 January. It won’t receive the same attention in local government circles as the localism bill, but it should do. Of course the localism bill is seen…

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‘It’s twitter wot won it’

‘It’s twitter wot won it’ – well , not on its own maybe, but the new social media certainly paid a huge role in the Guardian’s victory over Carter-Ruck and their attempt to gag the newspaper from reporting a parliamentary question about their client, Trafigura. Prominent bloggers tracked down and published the likely question; twitters…

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