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All change?

There is currently one political story in town - and it is not the local elections. The forthcoming EU referendum is dominating the news agenda and, as Janet Sillett points out, the result will have widespread ramifications for local authorities, the services they deliver and the devolution agenda. Councils must make sure that the voice…

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Decentralisation, the practical and the visionary: The Rwandan experience (2)

A second blog from Rwanda where Janet Sillett reflects on decentralisation there and in the UK.   Following on from Andrew’s briefing yesterday – our short stay in Rwanda has given us so much to think about. Not least, today’s visit to the Rwanda Genocide Memorial museum. It’s of course profoundly moving, and then seeing…

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Shared concerns, shared perceptions

Janet Sillett, LGiU Briefings Editor, reports from our first LGiU Scotland event, held in Edinburgh: how is local government perceived by Holyrood and Westminster and are we witnessing the emergence of real devolution to sub national government? Listening to Professor Richard Kerley, (Chair, Centre for Scottish Public Policy) at the first LGiU Scotland event, reminded…

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The first 100 days – commitments, progress and tensions

Can any modern UK government live up to Franklin D Roosevelt’s first 100 days in 1933 where the legislation was passed to create the New Deal (and where apparently the concept of the first 100 days was born)? It’s highly unlikely, but nevertheless politicos and the media like to judge how a new government measures up.…

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Municipal Postcard: What we can learn from American mayors

Mayors and their role in the devolution process are still provoking debate. A recent trip to San Francisco made Janet Sillett wonder if there are lessons to be learnt from the mayoral system - or systems - over there.

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Select Committees: new chairs, lessons and some thoughts

Today, the Speaker, John Bercow, announced the results of the elections for the chairs of the new select committees see here. Janet Sillett adds a few thoughts about what’s good about the committees, what’s not so good, and what’s new.   Some of the elections for the chairs were hotly contested – with candidates publishing…

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An enabling bill – but what does that really mean?

The Cities and Local Government Bill is an enabling bill par excellence – it sets out the institutional framework within which individual arrangements will be negotiated between the Secretary of State and groups of authorities. It will be enacted partly through secondary legislation – mainly statutory instruments. The provisions are mostly generic. And that is…

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A confusion of Mayors?

What’s an appropriate term for a number of mayors? Asks Janet Sillett.

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