Author: Janet Sillett


Brexit – local government on the sidelines?

In a post-Brexit world sub-national government will be key to economic growth, rebuilding social cohesion and reconnecting people with democratic institutions, writes Janet Sillett. Local government must make that clear to Westminster and Westminster must listen.

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Is affordable housing affordable?

So what do we actually mean by affordable housing? Asks Janet Sillett. Sounds an easy question but it is a highly contentious one.

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Shared challenges: local solutions

As LGiU services launch in Ireland, Head of Briefings Janet Sillett discusses issues that are shared by Ireland, Scotland, and England but which require local responses and solutions.

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Brexit means Brexit – whatever that means

LGiU’s Janet Sillett considers the complexities that will ensue once the Brexit process is triggered – and what that could mean for Scottish local government and their communities. I am not going to argue here for a speedy Brexit – with article 50 invoked this year, or indeed for a long delayed one. Nor for…

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Certain uncertainty

What will Brexit mean for local government, asks Janet Sillett. There is no answer to that – only that the only certainty is uncertainty.

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It’s all eyes on the metro mayor prize

Suddenly our Westminster politicians seem very interested in the local jobs, writes Janet Sillett. Maybe these Johnny-come-latelys to the regional scene sense a shift in power, but they must prove their local chops if they want to be metro mayors.

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It was the Queen’s Speech but the volume was turned way down

Does the Queen’s Speech determine what will be happening in parliament over the next session? Asks Janet Sillett. Well obviously it does up to a point but it is clear that it has been heavily influenced by the EU referendum.

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