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Sub national government: universal themes and local differences

Taking part in the European Congress of Local Government earlier this month made me think about how local government across Europe shares so many themes and priorities, writes Janet Sillett. But also about how it is different in every part of the continent – after all local government is both local and universal.

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Groundhog Day delay

On again, off again - what does the delay (possibly) until Halloween mean for the Brexit fright fest, asks Janet Sillett.

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Doom on the high street?

Towns have had none of the attention that has been lavished on cities in recent years, writes Janet Sillett. But any solution to help them thrive must see towns as more than a single shopping street.

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Global lessons in local government

Increasingly at LGiU we have been looking at what is happening in local government internationally. Of course one size never fits all but Janet Sillett finds common challenges, common themes and innovation that can be adapted when we cast our eyes beyond the horizon.

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Picking up the pieces

It may have been all but sidelined by central government during the past few years, but, says Janet Sillett, local government will be the one still delivering services and striving to do the best for communities after 29th March.

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Brexit: identity, trust and governing the UK

Brexit has raised a whole series of wicked issues – and been a proxy for some others. When Brexit is settled – if Brexit will ever be settled – these issues will still be with us, writes Janet Sillett, whatever trade deal is negotiated or no deal or even no Brexit. Issues like identity, devolution,…

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Reflections on a visit to Auschwitz

What we make of memorial sites - how we preserve their authenticity yet make them accessible to many people is crucial if they are to stand as lasting reminders, reflects Janet Sillett after a visit to the former concentration camp in Poland.

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California dreaming…

A recent trip Stateside has left Janet Sillett pondering the lessons that local government across the globe could learn from each other.

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