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Hey Ofqual, leave those kids alone

Can we just give young people a break, asks Jane Sankarayya. The downgrading of exam results is mean spirited and petty at this point in time.

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Planning to exclude councils

The Government’s consultation on planning system reform has already attracted much criticism. And rightly so, writes Jonathan Carr-West, as it attempts to bypass councils and local communities.

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Face facts

A new report provides the first tally of minority ethnic councillors in the UK. It is important we carry on counting so that we can monitor progress, writes Jane Sankarayya. Lack of access to local government by any part of a community has serious implications for exacerbating current inequality and disadvantage.

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Can we make rough sleeping a thing of the past?

Phil Woolas is an advisor to the 2020 Initiative to end rough sleeping. Here the former DCLG Minister of State explains why this is a pivotal moment in the fight to end homelessness and summarises the LGIU online event on the topic with Dame Louise Casey.

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Words from a Gen-Z

Ella Henry should have sat her A levels this year and enjoyed a long summer with her friends before university, but then the world changed. She writes for us about the impact of the pandemic on her and other young people.

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Are we ready for ‘Super Saturday’?

The latest announcements on the easing of lockdown restrictions will bring both relief and some anxiety, writes Janet Sillett.

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Life in a pandemic – a carer’s perspective

During this Carers Week, Dame Philippa Russell writes for us about the impact of Covid-19 on carers and their families and her hope that carers’ voices will be listened to in developing social care policy post-pandemic.

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A fraud in a Hawaiian shirt?

This week is Carers Week which aims to highlight the challenges faced by unpaid carers across the country. Lockdown has ramped up those challenges and ended what minimal support there was. Carer Steve Palmer writes for us about the situation.

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