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Engaging with the media is crucial to restore faith in local government

Levels of trust in the UK government, media and businesses have plummeted over recent years. Sophie Willett, Founding Partner at Willem Communications, blogs for us about why it’s important to engage with the media and how to do it.

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Can we see the future of localism in election manifestos?

Can party manifestos reveal much about the current state and possible future of localism? LGiU’s Janet Sillett looks at what the three main party manifestos have to offer for localism and issues relevant to local government.

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The importance of data for the December election

Ever since the December General Election was announced, the Spatial Information Service (SIS) have been busy collating up-to-date data about each local authority’s Polling Districts and Polling Places. Simon Roberts, Data and Engagement Specialist at the Improvement Service, blogs about this work in Scotland and its importance.

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How can councils support the LGBT+ community?

Councils across the world support Pride and the LGBT+ community every year, but what about in Northern Ireland? LGiU’s Isla Whateley blogs about her experiences volunteering with Belfast Pride and how local government there supports Pride despite the region’s difficulties

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Wellbeing for councillors: keeping safe and happy this autumn

As a busy autumn approaches with party conferences or a potential General Election on the horizon, politicians are under more scrutiny in the public eye than usual. This can add to the normal stress of local government, so councillors should give themselves some extra self-care and support. We have some resources to help.

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Community Wealth Building Summit 2019

CLES, the think-and-do tank, held their second annual Community Wealth Building Summit last month. LGiU Scotland’s Isla Whateley attended and blogs here about what she learned.

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Designing a world leading recycling system for Scotland

LGiU Scotland’s Isla Whateley attended an event about Scotland’s upcoming deposit return scheme (DRS) that is due to be implemented soon, ran by the Green Alliance. Here she blogs about what she learned.

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Housing and Ageing Seminar: Scotland 2030

As part of the Scotland 2030 programme, run by the think tank at the Scottish Parliament, Scotland Future’s Forum, a seminar about recent research into housing and ageing was held in January. LGiU’s Isla Whateley attended, and blogs about what she learned.

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Poverty, Participation and Power

The Local Governance Review is taking place in Scotland at the moment and all stakeholders are being invited to contribute, both citizens and those in the public and private sectors. LGiU Scotland’s Isla Whateley attended the Poverty Alliance’s Annual Conference that focused on Democracy Matters, the strand of the review open to citizens, and talks…

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