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Canada Bay Connects

One year on from when COVID-19 first hit, the City of Canada Bay takes us through some of the ways they adapted to the pandemic to maintain access to community services and keep citizens connected and supported through the last 12 challenging months.

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Cork City Council’s Climate Action Committee

As part of this year’s LGIU Councillor Awards, Cork City Council’s elected members have been acknowledged as part of an international showcase for establishing and leading the ‘Climate Action Committee’ and facilitating the council’s overall strategy to target climate change. Here’s how they did it.

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Catalysing Food-Innovation for the State: WA local government success

Western Australian council the Shire of Murray and its Shire President Councillor David Bolt have been acknowledged as part of LGIU’s international showcase of excellent local government practice for leading a project that is catalysing the state’s progression into food innovation. Here’s how they did it.

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In conservation series: Lessons from UK COVID-19 response

This update introduces a recent interview with LGIU Australia content commissioner Merle Zierke and Councillor Chapman-Allen, Leader of the Breckland District Council in England, to understand just how COVID-19 has impacted local government in England, and how local governments have responded thereby.

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Simon Brooke Award 2021 – Call for Submissions

Clúid Housing are accepting submissions for their 2021 Simon Brooke Award where, facilitated by Gerard van Bortel, Assistant Professor of Housing Management at Delft University of Technology, the awardee will spend a week meeting with international housing experts and fellow housing practitioners in Amsterdam.

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Ending homelessness with data and evidence: invitation for councils

Dr Ligia Teixeira, CEO of the Centre for Homelessness Impact, fills us in on their newly launched What Works Community: Local Government initiative, which is recruiting local authorities to join it and focus on evidence-led methods of ending and preventing homelessness.

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Scottish sub-council area population projections published

The Improvement Service blogs for us on how understanding what the population of an area looks like and will look like in the future are essential for providing good quality public services and planning for service delivery.

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