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Georges River Council’s Economic and Social Recovery Plan

Georges River Council is currently implementing its Economic and Social Recovery Plan. It is made up of three key phases in response to the unprecedented impacts of Covid-19 on local businesses and communities and complements packages being rolled out by the State and Federal governments.

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Pandemic Perspectives: Urban change

Hannah Muirhead explores the varying insights and reflections of columnists and experts around the world on what the impact of coronavirus on cities might be, building a picture of what the ongoing narrative looks like regarding issues such as density, transforming spaces and the movement of people.

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Reminders from VE Day

The Improvement Service’s Alison Clark-Dick blogs about how celebrating VE Day is a reminder that we can save the generation who secured a future for us

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Impact of Covid-19 on Children and Young people: The response starts locally

The Improvement Service have just published a report on the impacts of Covid-19 on children and young people. Rebecca Spillane, National Co-ordinator of Local Child Poverty Action Reports at IS, introduces this report and confirms local authorities need to be at the heart of the response.

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Weathering the Covid-19 storm together

Lorna Meahan, Depute Chief Executive at Dumfries and Galloway Council writes about the council coming together and staff going above and beyond in adapting to the new reality faced during the Covid-19 crisis.

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National Entitlement Card – Simplifying the Jigsaw

It’s been over 15 years since the National Entitlement Card (NEC) launched in December 2004 as Scotland’s national smartcard. The Digital Public Services team at the Improvement Service reflect on some of the impacts of the scheme, and how they might reduce some of its complexities going forward.

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Making it easier for people to access public services securely and to agreed standards

Digital identities are a way for people to access services electronically without the constant need to present and re-present proofs. The Digital Public Services team at the Improvement Service writes about the use of digital identities in the public sector, and what new opportunities they might bring to local authorities.

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