Author: Chris Naylor


Designs on planning

Councillors and officers need to be design literate to be able to engage knowledgeably and confidently in place-making. A 'Councillors' Briefing' next week at Urban Design London will explore what this means, says Chris Naylor.

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Liverpool: a positive case for Europe

Positive comments about Europe are thin on the ground right now. So Chris Naylor found it a refreshing change to spend a day hearing how the EU has been crucial to one of the UK’s major cities, Liverpool, and its immediate surrounds.

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Intermediary cities

How can smaller cities be part of the devolution movement and indeed might they even find it easier to engage locally that some of the obvious urban powerhouses? Chris Naylor looks at some of the thinking to emerge from a recent cities conference.

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The Localism Act – Over to You *70 EXTRA TICKETS RELEASED*

The LGiU and Bristol City Council are hosting a major one-day policy conference in Bristol, for the south-west and west midlands. The Localism Act – over to you brings together Local Government Minister Andrew Stunell, Cities Advisor Lord Shipley, with a range of local councillors and officers as well as senior officials from the Department for Communities…

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