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Making elections meaningful

In his latest column for the Municipal Journal, Jonathan Carr-West considers the challenges for those coordinating the upcoming local elections and reflects on what’s changed for the public over the past five years.

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Unfinished business

Jonathan Carr-West shares his thoughts on where the Chancellor’s Budget fell short in its support for local government in his latest column for the Municipal Journal.

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Electoral workers should get the jab

In a piece originally published in the Municipal Journal, LGIU’s Ingrid Koehler argues for the vaccination of poll workers organising and volunteering at May’s local elections.

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A new deal for social care

“Adult social care has been ‘unfinished business’ for what now seems forever”, writes LGIU’s head of briefings, Janet Sillett. This blog addresses the chronic problems that undermine adult social care and discusses how the pandemic represents a pivotal moment for reform.

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Place and wellbeing after the pandemic

In a new project funded by Research England, the Mile End Institute and the Local Government Information Unit are working together to understand how a public policy agenda oriented towards “wellbeing” and “place-shaping” is faring amid the pressures of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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LGIU Fortnightly 15 February: Sustainability, growth and regulation

In this week’s episode, Ingrid Koehler and Jonathan Carr-West provide an overview of LGIU’s recent work, including our new 20-minute neighbourhoods bundle which outlines the benefits of accessible cities and signposts ideas that can feed into recovery from Covid-19 by building stronger and more resilient communities.

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Covid-19 community support at Leeds City Council

Hannah Bithell, joint winner of the Covid-19 Hero category at the 2020 LGIU & CCLA Cllr Awards and councillor at Leeds City Council tells us more about the work that she has done to help residents during the pandemic.

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Will May be a missed chance?

Every elector in England should have a vote in May with the elections scheduled for 2021 and those deferred from 2020. In the midst of a pandemic is this wise, safe or fair? Local government certainly has its doubts.

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Looking ahead with hope…

“The Government’s decision to ease coronavirus restrictions over Christmas reminds us that although policy may aspire to be rational and evidence-driven, it is always subordinate to politics and politics is human,” writes Jonathan Carr-West in his column for the Municipal Journal.

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