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A Tasmanian blueprint for a collaborative approach to local government reform

Tasmania’s independent Review Board recently released its final report, setting out a long-term blueprint for reforming the structure of the local government system to better meet the future needs of the Tasmanian community. In this article, Professor Richard Eccleston briefly unpacks the report and shares his optimistic view of the blueprint.


LGIU@40 Collection: Finance

Finance is a central theme of our LGIU@40 campaign about the future of local government. This collection of resources explores the risks and opportunities for local government finance, and includes major research reports, articles, member-only briefings and our Global Local newsletter.

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Funding the future of local government, an Australian perspective

Communities and governments worldwide are facing a challenging future due to inflation, inequality, disruptive technology, geopolitical tensions, and climate change. In this briefing, Professor Richard Eccleston from the University of Tasmania unpacks the increasingly challenging issue of local government funding in Australia.


Collection: Food, agriculture and rural communities

This collection showcases a range of LGIU work exploring food, agriculture and rural communities. It has plenty of key resources to offer for staff and councillors in public services who aspire to drive and improve engagement and sustainability in rural and agricultural areas.

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Collection: Future technology

This collection showcases LGIU’s resources exploring technology and its future uses in society. In this collection you will find open content, member briefings and Global Local newsletters exploring both the opportunities and limitations technology presents, alongside an array of global case studies and best practice.

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Collection: Young people and their futures

This collection showcases a range of LGIU work exploring young people and their futures. It has plenty of key resources to offer for staff and councillors in public services who aspire to drive and improve young people’s education, mental health, future prospects and engagement with government and democracy.

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How to actually do good

This briefing offers ways to help you calibrate your aim and a pathway to finding the happy medium, so that you can sleep at night knowing your effort is actually achieving serving your community. This is part one of a three part series.

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Global Local Think Tank Review – October 2023

Our monthly Think Tank Review highlights key findings from leading think tanks and research institutes across the globe. Topics this month include affordable housing challenges, neighbourhood and school segregation, intergenerational poverty, preventative public services, public health data, international health care systems and government procurement for social value. 

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Enhancing safety for women in public places

Feeling safe is integral to everyone’s well-being and quality of life. For women, perceptions of safety and negative experiences can inhibit their participation and use of public spaces and places. This briefing provides an overview of two recently introduced projects on creating safer public spaces for diverse women.

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Collaborating for better outcomes: managing our natural assets and urban landscapes

Collaboration between local governments and environmental organisations offers opportunities for healthy and sustainable natural environments in towns and cities. This article focuses on the Landscape Foundation of Australia’s three strategic priorities in facilitating community engagement and local government collaboration for natural environment management.