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Think tank review February 2021

As many of us pivot towards moving out of lockdown and the end of the pandemic, there is a lot of recovery-themed output from think tanks this month. However, there’s also a fair number of other topics covered, from housing and employment to education and health. The LGIU think tank review covers outputs from think…

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Net Zero climate targets: key action areas for local government

This briefing explores local government’s potential role in decarbonization, looking at how councils can take action, along with some local government case studies. This briefing concludes with a framework for the development of a local action plan for emissions reduction.

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Spotlight on Indonesia: embedding the UN Sustainable Development Goals and responding to COVID-19

This briefing also looks at the innovative ways Indonesian municipalities and regencies have responded to COVID-19. The urgent action required in order to respond to COVID-19 created a unique opportunity for local governments to act in ways that were outside of their normal operating models.

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Supply chains, land use planning and the circular economy

This briefing, as part of a series looking at the concept of a circular economy, explores the importance of understanding supply chains in order to effectively integrate circular economy goals with land use planning and economic development.


Towards creating a strategy for 20-minute neighbourhoods

So you want to implement a 20-minute neighbourhood strategy in your town or city – what next? This blog outlines the key requirements of a 20-minute neighbourhood before covering practical actions councils can take to formulate a strategy and start making changes.

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Moving to a post-COVID setting for infrastructure

This briefing examines a recent report from Infrastructure Australia (IA) which profiles the impacts of COVID-19 on individual and household behaviours, and impacts on the shape of key infrastructure sectors, providing an important context for local governments to understand in their planning and infrastructure decision making.

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On the record: New Zealand’s published briefings for incoming ministers

New Zealand government publishes briefings provided to incoming ministers by their departments. This briefing looks at how could usefully be adopted in Australia, offering valuable insights and other benefits for Australian governments and the broader community.

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