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Planning your fleet EV transition

Transitioning a vehicle fleet to fully electric is now a matter of when, not if. In this briefing, LGIU Associate Bryce Gatton looks at how to successfully plan a fleet transition to EV.


Participatory Budgeting – what next?

This briefing explores what happened to participatory budgeting around the world during the pandemic and discover where, how and why it survived. It also examines how participatory budgeting has changed since the pandemic and what the future holds.

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Safe Cycling – advancing road management for cyclist safety

This article explores the Amy Gillett Foundation’s national capability-building program ‘Safe Cycling’, which is aimed at delivering long-term road safety benefits by tangibly improving cycling safety knowledge, resources, and tools.


Teens and seniors connect to break down the digital divide

Young Mentors is an intergenerational program which aims to improve older Australians’ digital skills by connecting them with student mentors. This feature explains how bringing teenagers together with older people, they can share digital skills and knowledge, which helps improve the confidence needed to navigate the online world.

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Local government’s role in promoting intergenerational communities and care

This briefing examines the role that local government can play in promoting intergenerational activities that can benefit whole communities with respect to social care and community cohesion.

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Stronger together: global learning for a local government manifesto

As we launch our new manifesto for local government Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive of LGIU, outlines how we plan to work with the global community of local government to share learning and build a stronger foundation for local delivery in the 21st century.

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Australia’s declining home ownership – how could governments respond?

Recent research shows Australia is likely experiencing a structural decline in access to home ownership. In this briefing, Marcus Spiller reflects on these findings and the shifts in access to home ownership, what it means for those entering or aspiring to enter into home ownership, and the potential policy responses thereto.