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August Think Tank Review

In our latest Think Tank Review for the UK, Australia and Republic of Ireland, we find a renewed focus on localism, economy and welfare.

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Risk and recovery: five ways your risk strategy can help post-pandemic recovery

This briefing shows how a structured approach to strategic risk management can help leaders to develop their post-pandemic strategies, plans and activities, by using a risk ‘lens’ to complement objective-based approaches.

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Movement and Place tools for integrated planning

Movement and Place theory aspires to create public places that people want to spend time in and to reconceive streets as more than just conduits for moving vehicles. This briefing offers a summary of Movement and Place frameworks and tools from NSW, Victoria, London, and New York.

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Global Local Executive Panel – August 2021: Community Wealth Building

This panel session was moderated by Chris Eddy and VLGA CEO Kathryn Arndt, and the panel discussed community wealth building from their own varied perspectives and explored how local governments in both Australia and Scotland are utilising community wealth building initiatives.

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Is a ‘smart city’ a good city?

This briefing looks at the evolution of the smart city and suggests that its meaning changes depending on the context to which it is applied. Smart city development is discussed in South Africa through a series of themes that emerged at the recent World Cities Summit.

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Planning reforms for housing diversity

This briefing is one in a series that has been tracking planning reform in NSW, including Reforms to local strategic planning in NSW: A new role for councils? It will be of interest to technical planning officers in NSW in particular, but also councillors engaged in local planning policy, and other council staff interested in…


Benefits of Tactical Urbanism: making room for active transport, parklets, and shared spaces

COVID-19 has sparked a local government renaissance on rolling out pop-up cycle lanes and outdoor dining: elements of tactical urbanism deployed to reimagine how we use roads and car parks. This briefing will look at the environmental, social, and economic benefits of repurposing public spaces, particularly roads and car parks, to these non-car uses.


Could Indigenous policy relate to Roma and Traveller communities?

Now the issues that Indigenous people face have begun to see the light of day in national and international policies, more questions are arising as to whether there are some lessons to be learned and policy implications to be explored in regards to Roma and Traveller communities, who perhaps face some similar issues to Indigenous…

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