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From Power to Service Delivery? The politics of ward boundary reform in Chicago

Following on from a 2017 blog, LGiU’s Hannah Muirhead takes a look at the intricate and highly political complexities behind the 2021 ward boundary remap in the City of Chicago and what progress, if any, has been made since the last remap to democratise the process.

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An ‘out-of-the-box’ approach to building sustainability

This briefing looks at how DCPs could be devised to be more ambitious, and to drive sustainable design excellence, and will be of interest to Local Government Strategic Planners in NSW that are preparing new Development Control Plans, as well as those interested in planning and sustainability more broadly.

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Investing in new infrastructure? What councils should ask beforehand

State and Federal COVID-19 stimulus grants continue to provide additional funding for local government infrastructure projects. This briefing looks at some critical considerations local governments need to address before they go all in on grant applications and developing business cases for infrastructure projects.


Global local: talking rubbish and carbon confusion

We talk about waste reduction in Melbourne and cutting through the carbon confusion everywhere and the role of local government. Plus some wombling and Dirty Santa.

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Making the right connections

Over the past fortnight, all eyes have been on Glasgow for COP26. There’s a lot to process from the conference but one issue that stands out is how many different layers of action tackling climate change involves, Jonathan Carr-West, LGIU Chief Executive, elaborates further in this blog.

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Addressing the Housing Crisis: Global Local Executive Panel – Event summary

The final LGiU and VLGA global panel of 2021, Innovative Approaches to Addressing the Housing Crisis, brought together representatives from Cornwall Council in the UK, Cork City Council in Ireland, and Infrastructure Australia to explore the ways in which local governments can and are working to address the housing crisis.

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Open for impact: Local government and the open data economy

This briefing introduces the concept of open government data and highlights considerations for local governments who are seeking to participate in the data value chain. It is the first in a two-part series, of which the second will focus on the opportunities and challenges for advancing open data maturity in the local government sector.


“Closing the Gap”: A role for Local Government

This briefing provides a brief overview of the new National Agreement and the framework for implementation, followed by suggestions for what individual local governments can do to implement the National Agreement in their local and regional areas.