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At the heart of a devastated community


Image by Glenn Pearson from Pixabay

LGIU Chief Executive Jonathan Carr-West shares our condolences for the family and friends of those lost at Creeslough, hopes for the injured and our thoughts for those working in keystone institutions at the heart of the community.

A five year old little girl with her Dad buying a birthday cake for her Mum, their neighbour waiting outside in the car to bring them home, a young designer come home to be with her boyfriend having travelled the world in her studies, a woman serving her community in a shop at the heart of a quiet, tight knit community, a mum with her son picking up a few bits and pieces for the weekend, a brilliant young rugby player getting some ice cream with her friend, a young father originally from Australia stopping off, perhaps for a fill of fuel and a coffee, a man who spent his life caring for his very ill mother. People who reflect the plurality of a modern Ireland; diverse, engaged and so important to their community.

All lost in an unimaginable moment.

And at the heart of this tremendous loss, a response, from the public services of Donegal, supported by their neighbours across the border and throughout the Island.

The work of our emergency services, many part-time and voluntary, along with the leadership of their local authority is a story which is and will be so important to the people of Creeslough in beautiful Donegal. Their supreme efforts to rescue those injured and the all too many victims that did not survive cannot pass without a note of acknowledgement and condolence on our part.

As an international body leading in research and support for local authorities across the globe, we could only be in awe of the efforts of the Donegal County Council staff and other colleagues that have demonstrated, as they often do in their day to day efforts, their singular commitment to their County. Indeed, it is this singular commitment which encouraged us a short while ago to contact the Council to tell us their story which we hope to bring to our worldwide readership in early 2023. Once again, the Council, like so many with which we work, has demonstrated the very best of local democracy, underpinning our many diverse communities across the globe. Being there when needed and when it most matters.


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