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And finally 27.01.23

This week's And Finally newsletter covers a range of topics such as air pollution, weather stations, trust in democracy and local heritage. Our staff shared a few articles that piqued their interest and the story of the week takes us to a very popular place right now, Achill Island.

And finally 20.01.23

This week's And Finally newsletter covers all the latest updates across our member countries plus new briefings on the topic of gambling and refugees. We also share a happy news story about turning a former swimming pool into a skatepark. 

And finally 13.01.23

For the first edition of 2023, we have all new round-ups to keep you in the loop with everything happening in the world of local government and a wide range of staff picks for things to watch and read after the Christmas break. Plus a story about Elvis! 

And finally 16.12.22

For the last edition of the year, we have a fun 'Town-Halliday' quiz where you can put your town hall knowledge to the test and check out our year in review.

And finally 09.12.22

This week, we look at the power of waffles to combat loneliness, our favourite town halls and a heartwarming Christmas tradition story from Limerick in Ireland.

And finally 2.12.22

We start sharing our holiday gifts to you! Opportunities to write for the LGIU, down the mines and so much more. 

And Finally 25.11.22

Your weekly roundup of LGIU's most shareable content! This week, we chatted to the Cllr Awards 2022 Young Councillor of the Year Winner about his advocacy work, and, at the request of our American colleagues, LGIU staff shared what they are most grateful for. 

And Finally 18.11.22

The LGIU's most shareable stuff. Including This Week in Local Government Scotland, Ireland and England, real action from COP27 and more

And finally… 11.11.22

This week, we're talking veteran support, re-election rap campaigns, and a reaction story to the news of Matt Hancock entering the juggle – read all about it in your round-up of all things LGIU.

And finally… 04.11.22

Christmas gift ideas, active travel and sustainable waste management planning – all included in your weekly round-up of all things LGIU.