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And Finally: Local elections 2024

Highlights from this week: Live updates from the 2024 local elections, our global newsletter on electoral administration, plus a new interview - "Service, activism and politics: The inspirational story of Cllr Helen Wright". 

And Finally: State of the Locals 2024

Highlights from this week: Exclusive new polling with Ipsos on public attitudes to local government and councillors, the role of libraries in 2024, an interview with Dr Grace Vickers, Solace Scotland Chair, and what else we've been up to in April 2024. 

And Finally: Fast fashion

Highlights from this week: Fast fashion and local actions to help tackle it, an interview with our 2023 Resilience Champion, and the impact of philanthropy in Dublin. 

And Finally: Bug hotels and our global recap

Highlights from this week include: a recap of our Global Local Newsletter in 2024, our latest podcast, open features and interviews, and a Hollywood-inspired hotel for bugs