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Alternative sources of income – can you help? (Not asking for money just info)


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Local governments around the world are feeling the pinch. More than that, long term patterns of funding such as grants from federal or state sources can either dry up or be unpredictable. Many have tried to diversify their income streams with everything from fees and fines to commercial investments and crowdfunding.

LGIU’s partners in Australia, SGS Economics and Planning are currently doing research on behalf of rural councils in Victoria. They’re looking for both Australian and global examples of funding beyond grants, rates and fees. They’d like to know what you’ve tried, what you’re doing now and what you may have planned.

Are there things you’re hoping to do but are facing regulatory or statutory barriers? They’d like to know that, too. There’s a one page survey (links below) that would help them out a lot.

Take the survey

Do you have an example of alternative income sources that your local authority has implemented? We’d love to hear from you.

Rural Councils Victoria (Australia) has engaged consulting firm SGS Economics and Planning to explore the specific funding challenges facing rural councils in Victoria, and to identify potential alternative income sources.

To inform this work we are asking local authorities around the world to share examples of own-source income options (beyond rating, fines, fees, grants and contributions). These could be options in use or that you have identified as opportunities.


For all local governments in Australia 

To read more and to access the survey, click here.


For all local governments outside Australia

To read more and to access the survey, click here.


For any questions or comments, please contact Tom Milverton at  [email protected]


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