Jess Buckley

LGIU Australia Content Commissioner

Jess is an urban and regional planner with more than fifteen years of experience working in local government and the private sector. Her professional experience spans a range of planning projects including township, structure and master plans, housing strategies, impact assessments, community infrastructure plans, social research and community engagement. She has worked with a broad range of clients from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, from inner metropolitan to rural and regional contexts.

At SGS Economics and Planning, Jess leads project teams turning technical analysis into evidence-based advice that delivers considered solutions that benefit all. She recognises the expertise that clients and stakeholders bring to each project and takes a collaborative approach to projects. She is a diligent project manager and a skilled communicator, applying this to all aspects of her work- from project management through to client and stakeholder engagement, and writing content for LGIU.

Jess is passionate about the role of local government to shape our cities and address the needs of the community, now and into the future. She is excited about the potential for LGIU Australia to support and empower the local government sector to be more connected and informed for the communities that it serves.

Jess is part of the LGIU commissioning team producing briefings, case studies, reports and blogs on local government in Australia.