LGIU Lead contact toolkit

A toolkit for Lead Contacts

Your council is one of 280 councils that are members of the Local Government Information Unit.

We created this short toolkit to help you in your role as your council’s lead LGIU contact. It answers some of the ‘most-asked’ questions that we get and provides a step-by-step guide for ensuring that your council makes the best use of its LGIU membership.

Your membership co-ordinator [email protected] is always available to provide more support and is only an email or Teams call away.

Information about your council's membership

What is the LGIU?

Your council is a corporate member of the LGIU – the Local Government Information Unit – an independent, not-for-profit membership organisation working to strengthen local democracy worldwide through shared ideas, resources, and connections for local government.

How can I and my colleagues access LGIU resources?

All staff and councillors can access LGIU’s member-only content via email or on our website by simply signing up.

What does the LGIU provide?

Member resources include:

  • Daily News delivered every morning, providing a summary of the top local government news stories across national and regional press;
  • In-depth guidance, analysis, legislation and policy updates covering the full spectrum of local government topics;
  • The Global Local weekly bulletin, providing resources, ideas and inspiration from local governments around the world in one weekly update.
  • Global Local Executive Panels and Ask The Expert events provide members with platforms to discuss policy developments, hear from LGIU experts and connect with colleagues across the country and internationally;
  • An extensive online library of English, UK and international local government briefings, case studies and other resources;
  • Sector-leading research from the LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre
  • A 25% discount on all LGIU Training – online open sessions and bespoke in-house programmes.

About the Lead Contact role

Your LGIU Membership Coordinator, Jack Lister, will keep in touch throughout the year with news about upcoming projects and resources. He will also provide updates on how the council is using its membership and suggestions for maximising its impact. Jack is always available at [email protected] to answer queries and provide support.

What does it mean to be an LGIU lead contact?

The LGIU membership team works with lead contacts in each of our member councils to ensure that the council is securing the best possible value from its LGIU membership.

Together we will make sure that staff and councillors are fully aware of the membership benefits available to them and encourage them to use their resources by registering on the LGIU website. We’ll highlight the opportunities to get involved in our sector-leading research, use the LGIU networks to showcase your council’s achievements and projects and make sure the right people are attending LGIU panels, policy discussions and member-only events.

Key tasks for Lead Contacts

Step 1: Promote LGIU sign-ups across your council

There is no limit on the number of staff and councillors that can access your council’s LGIU membership. Sharing and promoting our resources and research across the council is one of the main ways to make the most of the membership.

Key tips:

  • promote the LGIU membership through staff newsletters and your intranet
  • invite LGIU to present to key teams about making the most of membership


Download the promotional text here and share it with your internal comms team.

Step 2: Nominate staff members from communications and policy

We find that councils utilise their LGIU membership to the greatest effect when we have key contacts in the policy and communications departments with who we can liaise.


Put Jack Lister in touch with relevant policy and comms contacts via [email protected]

Step 3: Showcase your council’s achievements via your LGIU membership

LGIU’s interviews, articles and case studies showcase the achievements and projects of our member councils across our international network. If you have interesting work to share, please email [email protected] with a short outline (200 words max). 


Make sure colleagues involved in successful projects are aware they can use the LGIU to showcase their work.

Step 4: Invite the LGIU team to share insights

Our membership team can run “how to” and horizon scanning sessions that will help you and your colleagues make the most of LGIU resources in your day-to-day work.


Invite LGIU to present to the Full Council or Senior Leadership Teams to share updates on our latest work or a horizon-scanning presentation on the sector.

Step 5: Whitelist our domain information

To make sure you and your colleagues receive your LGIU updates without interruption ask your ICT team to whitelist our domain information. Let us know if anyone does experience problems receiving their updates.


Make sure your ICT team have whitelisted LGIU’s domain information.

Step 6: Nominate your Member Representative.

LGIU is owned and run by its member councils. Each council should appoint a senior councillor (often the Leader) as the LGIU Member Representative. Make sure your council currently has a Representative.


Ask your Democratic Services department to ensure that an LGIU Member Representative is listed for 2024-25.

Lead contact checklist

  1. Promote LGIU by asking comms teams to share details across the council.
  2. Nominate a colleague in communications and/or policy work with the LGIU.
  3. Highlight the council’s best projects for showcasing by the LGIU
  4. Invite the LGIU team to present our research and other work at council meetings.
  5. Send the LGIU domain information to ICT Teams for whitelisting.
  6. Make sure the council has an LGIU Member Representative (must be a councillor).

Stay in touch

Contact Jack Lister or Thomas Lynch at: [email protected] or [email protected]

This is your council’s LGIU membership. Please get in touch if you have suggestions for briefing subjects that you would like us to cover or for further help with making the membership work for you and your colleagues.