LGIU supports local government every day

“This is an exceptionally timely [policy] briefing and I am already working with colleagues on how we can utilise this intelligence”. (LGIU member in England)

“I have loved the work of LGIU since I was elected in 2017, your organisation is a vital resource for keeping up to date”. (LGIU member in Scotland)

“I absolutely love the Local Government Information Unit. We often use LGIU briefings in our work…and I promote it every chance I get”. (LGIU member in Australia)

We are LGIU (Local Government Information Unit). A not-for-profit, non-partisan membership organisation. We are for local government and anyone with an interest in local democracy and finding local solutions to the challenges that we all face.

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We all rely on local government

Local government can rely on LGIU

Councils and councillors are key to keeping the machinery of everyday life going, ensuring the most vulnerable are looked after and making sure the places where we live and work are thriving, safe and inclusive.

Especially now, in a hugely challenging time for communities everywhere.

How can councils balance the day job of responding to the needs of their communities with the innovative planning that will future proof services going forward?

That’s where we come in.

The Local Government Information Unit. Our resources, innovative research and connections are relied on by colleagues across the globe. We do our best for them, so that they can do their best for our communities.

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Use our extensive resources, get involved in our research, share your stories and experience with us and the LGIU local government community.


What you need, when you need it

Need to keep up to speed with local government news? We send you country specific Daily News every morning – that and a coffee will start your day the right way.

When you don’t have enough hours in the day, we can help you make sense of complex issues from climate action to the local economy and everything in between. Our acclaimed policy briefings are the go to information source for councillors and officers.

Need an extra skills boost? Our training is local government specific and delivered by local government colleagues.

Have a question? Get in touch and your LGIU experts will try their best to answer it.


For the future of local government

LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre brings local government experts together with academics.

The research is practical and focuses on the key challenges facing local democratic institutions around the world.

You drive our research. Our members guide and support what we do, ensuring the real world applications are always at the forefront of projects.

We are connecting up local government around the world. Our research programme looks to the future, developing new ideas and approaches for governance, municipalism and citizen participation.


Local solutions for global challenges

At LGIU we know that places are unique; but so many of the challenges faced by local governments are shared with their colleagues across countries and across continents.

Global Local from LGIU is a recently launched newsletter service. Each week we focus on a particular theme and bring you the most relevant projects, research and stories from wherever we find them.

We collate the latest thinking on complex issues in an easily digestible format, keeping you up-to-date on local government good practice and innovation across the globe.

LGIU connects you with a community of like-minded professionals who are innovating in the local government space.

We were created by three councils 40 years ago.

Today we support local government across the world.

LGIU members are forward thinking, innovative and connected. We are proud to have been the trusted partner of so many exceptional councils for the past four decades.

LGIU is a not-for-profit, non-partisan membership organisation. We are for local government and anyone with an interest in local democracy and finding local solutions to the global challenges that we all face.

We have stood shoulder to shoulder with local government for 40 years, in England, across the UK and now globally.


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