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A stronger national voice for social work!

The Social Work Task Force interim report entitled Facing up to the task was published today. It covers the important theme of the future of social work and sets out detailed programme for reform. The final report is not expected until the end of year; however the Task Force is already clear that its recommendations will address the following:

  • the creation of a national college for social work
  • greater partnership between employers and educators for the improvement of social work education
  • clearer career progression
  • a much more sophisticated understanding of supply and demand
  • securing the resources social workers need to be effective
  • a clearer common understanding of the role and purpose of social work.

The LGiU have been consistent in its call for a review of social work. We are especially pleased to see the proposal to create a national college for social work, something we have long called for because it resists the temptation to ‘move on’ without registering the damage that the media and political attacks have caused to the profession. Social workers need a stronger national voice in order to change the way the profession is viewed and to enhance its ability to represent itself to other professional bodies and with central government.

Social workers need to be recognised for their high levels of skill and courage; they should be instilled with the sense of confidence and respect so necessary for anyone supporting children in often desperate conditions.