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Navigating the complexities of short term rental accommodation: A global perspective

This briefing examines the global debates surrounding short-term rental accommodation and its impact on local economies, housing markets, and community character. It provides background on the issue through the analysis of 18 case studies, emphasizing local government’s role as a regulator in measures such as volume restrictions and enforcement.

Australia With case study

Are we ‘Closing the Gap’ on Indigenous disadvantage?

This briefing examines the progress of the Closing the Gap initiative in addressing Indigenous disadvantage. Following two major reports, it evaluates current strategies’ effectiveness and identifies improvement areas to achieve better outcomes for Indigenous communities. The purpose is to promote awareness, discussion, and action on issues of Indigenous inequality and support efforts to address them.


Revitalising Australia’s inner-city industrial land

The stock of inner-city industrial land in Australian cities is declining. This briefing looks at the recent work of the Greater London Authority (GLA) concerning industrial land and co-location, and considers how this type of guidance could be used in the Australian context.

Australia With case study