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Australia’s fertility rate is declining, but is this the whole story?

Australia’s total fertility rate is declining, but this doesn’t necessarily result in a lower number of births. This distinction is important, and this briefing describes the relationship with other demographic characteristics and the implications for local government service planning.

Australia With case study

Australia’s need for a Human Rights Act – a step closer

The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights has released its report on the Inquiry into Australia’s Human Rights Framework. The majority of the committee recommended the federal government introduce an Australian Human Rights Act, which marks a generational milestone in enhancing human rights protections. This article unpacks and comments on the inquiry and its recommendations.


The future of a wellbeing economy is just an economy

Australia’s shift towards a wellbeing economy, prioritising holistic wellbeing over GDP, is gaining momentum. This briefing examines recent trends in wellbeing, and explores questions of how else government can effect sustainable policy shifts and whether the current scrutiny on wellbeing measurement detracts from implementation?