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Cultural sector policy and research round-up February 2024

This briefing provides a round-up of research and announcements related to the arts, culture and leisure sector, the impact of funding cuts for local arts and culture, new research in targeted regional investment in culture and the Scottish Culture budget.

England & Wales, Scotland

Funding street trees: collaborative project to green up neighbourhoods

UK-wide project Trees for Streets is encouraging community-led street planting through a sponsorship scheme. This article highlights the national, local and individual need and want for more tree planting in England and explains how the charity works with local councils and their communities to get the best outcome for all.

England & Wales
Members & Global Local

Local government rewilding initiatives: Best practice and advice

This briefing highlights the importance of effective communication and collaboration for successful rewilding projects, emphasising the need for clear goals, community engagement, and committed local leadership. By sharing best practices and insights from local government this guide aims to inspire and inform efforts to restore and protect natural ecosystems.

England & Wales, Global, Scotland With case study

Rewilding: Case studies and resources for local government

Every week, we highlight inspiration and innovation from local government worldwide. In this article, we focus on we can rewild our local areas – from cities to wilderness. You’ll find best practice from Spain, Singapore, Australia and the UK along with plenty of practical policy and resources to for more insight and guidance on the…